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We’re building the future of private financial markets.

Traditionally a space only for the wealthy and well-connected, we believe in a future where private markets are more accessible to investors and fundraisers. By leveling the playing field, we hope to create a more equitable economy, where inspiring companies are connected to inspired investors, whoever and wherever they are.

Leveraging our trusted brand, global networks, and incredible team, we’re building a technology-enabled ecosystem that is as diverse and dynamic as our investor network. As we progress on this ambitious journey, we’re looking for energetic and creative people to support and leave their mark on our platform.

About Alta

Alta, formerly known as Fundnel, is Southeast Asia’s largest digital marketplace for alternative investments. Alta gives investors direct access to invest and trade in a wide range of curated alternative assets, from direct investment into early to late-stage private companies, PE/VC funds, asset-backed securities of luxury assets, real estate, and more. As a licensed integrated marketplace, Alta brings the trading and distribution of securities, fund management, and payment solutions under one roof. Through its blockchain-powered exchange, Alta is also able to support tokenization, digital custody, and trading of alternative assets.

Today, while more investors are looking to increase their allocation to alternative assets, the high costs of investing and the illiquidity of private markets can often give many investors pause. Alta makes it easier and more efficient than ever for investors to trade tokenised alternative assets at smaller, fractionalized blocks, thereby enhancing liquidity in the private markets, and bringing alternative assets to all.

Since 2016, Alta has completed over 1,000 transactions valued in excess of US$600 million and has created access for investors to invest in over US$22 billion worth of mandated opportunities globally.

Alta is headquartered in Singapore and operates offices globally.

About the role

Alta is Southeast Asia’s largest marketplace for alternative assets. Through our network of licensed member firms, we provide more than one million investors with access to a diverse array of asset classes including private equity, private debt, luxury assets, real estate, and more.

But we’re more than just an exchange and more than just a brokerage. At its core Alta is a technology company at the forefront of asset digitization, building the foundation for a less fragmented, more liquid, more accessible global private markets ecosystem.

Our technology teams build and support our Private Market as a Service (PMaaS) offering, a modular, digital-first product platform that provides end-to-end services for private markets trading, dealing, exchange, issuance, custody, and fund management.

PMaaS has been designed to be leveraged by a wide variety of private market players globally, from small brokerages to global investment banks. It aims to provide extensive white-label functionalities and to support any combination of third-party vendors, blockchains, and digital asset standards. Security, privacy, and adherence to regulatory requirements are core principles.

As we enter the scaling phase of our technology journey, we are seeking an ambitious, broadly experienced, and commercially minded Chief Technology/Product Officer to lead our engineering, product, QA, and data teams, while being a strong strategic partner to the rest of our senior management team.

For a C-Suite member in a fast-growing, multi-region fintech, no list of responsibilities could be exhaustive. Below we call out some of the key ones:

  • Line management of our Product, Engineering, and Data department heads, who in turn manage a team of 30 spread across Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines, as well as responsibility for the continued growth of our teams (and the markets in which they are based).
  • Ownership of our product and commercial strategy for PMaaS and Alta Group’s overall technology and IT posture, working with management peers to strengthen our commercial sales pipelines while ensuring a roadmap and prioritization matrix that can accommodate and rapidly adjust to new opportunities.
  • Alongside the previous point, strong familiarity with the investment industry (ideally private) to assist in fine-tuning both our product roadmap and our commercial approach to potential clients.
  • Guidance of our digital asset (tokenization) strategy through a robust knowledge of evolving blockchain networks, smart contract standards, and industry efforts toward interoperability.
  • Being a key stakeholder in our B2B sales relationships, particularly around due diligence and onboarding, ensuring our compatibility with client security and privacy requirements.
  • Accountability for the implementation and continued evolution of our Technology Risk Manual, driven by the guidelines set out by regulators such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Malaysia Securities Commission.
  • Leveraging an extensive background in technical solutions to advise heads of department and tech leads on defensive, scalable best practices in terms of application architecture, cloud infrastructure, and technology change management. We do not expect the successful candidate to be a hands-on code contributor, but they must be able to support their teams in detailed technical conversations.
  • Continued refinement of our hiring practices and team culture across the technology side of the business.

The aforementioned responsibilities require a broad range of technical, strategic, and leadership skills, and we would expect any candidate to be able to demonstrate proficiency with these skills through specific examples from their past experiences.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a supportive, culture-forward team driven by a strong sense of collective responsibility, eagerness to learn, and collaborative decision-making. We are passionate and challenge-seeking without ego, and we’re looking for a senior leader who can maintain and build upon an inclusive and empowering technology culture.

Note that this role will be based in our Singapore HQ, on a largely on-site basis.

Thank you for your interest in joining us on our ambitious journey to bring alternative assets to all. If you are interested please send your resume to